HAUUS meets the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 10:30 A.M. The meetings are at the Senior Community Center on Broadway Mall in Hornell unless otherwise noted. All are Welcome.  For more information about HAUUS please call (607)698-4508 or (585)593-1623.

November 9 As Leo Strauss provided the foundation for the neo-conservatism that has dominated the Bush Administration, progressives have been looking for an alternative foundation for their values and activism. Sheldon Wolin, a retired political philosophy professor who worked at Berkely and Princeton, is becoming known amidst progressives as providing such an alternative through his proposal of “wilderness democracy”. This presentation and discussion will give an introductory perspective that can be built upon in future programs which will address how specific crucial aspects of his thought can strengthen progressive cultural work like Unitarian Universalism.

November 23 Peace and Justice: Person to Person – Nadine Hoover. As a member of the friends society of Alfred, Nadine has been led by the voice of her spirit to dedicate much of her energy volunteering on a people to people basis to create non-violent, eco-compatible solutions to basic needs such as safe drinking water. Her mission has taken her to Indonesia where, among other services, she is helping establish schools for young, war traumatized children.

December 14 Virginia Rasmussin will give a program on a subject to be announced. Virginia is a member of POCLAD (Program on Corporation, Law and Democracy), a group of eleven people who put forth democratic conversations and actions that question the authority of corporations to govern. Their goal is to assert the people’s rights over property interests.

December 28 Season of Darkness – Celebration of Light! We would ask everyone that attends to bring readings, poetry and/or information about a holiday and/or celebration that pertains to this time of year – (Kwanza, Hanakuh, Solstice, Christmas, etc.).

We wish to thank Barbara for being our gracious hostess at Camp Strawberry Fields Sept 28, October12 and October 26.

If you have been holding off on donations because things seemed on an even keel now is the time to make a donation. Our treasury is getting low due to some planned spending. Penny is treasurer until Sally returns from Nova Scotia.

Our Peace Vigil will resume on meeting Sundays 9:30 – 10:00 at the same location.

Newsletter version for Download:  hauusnewsletternovdec_08


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