Hornell-Alfred Unitarian Universalist Society (HAUUS)
January-February 2009

HAUUS meets on the second and fourth Sunday of the month at 10:30 AM at the Senior Community Center on the Broadway Mall in Hornell unless otherwise noted below. All are Welcome. For more information about HAUUS please call (607)698-4508 or (585)593-1623

January 11 – HAUUS welcomes Terri Divens-Bruffey a St. Lawrence District representative. The objective for this meeting is for Terri to help us in our continuing efforts towards defining and reaching the goals we set for ourselves during Tom Chulak’s visit. Participation of all HAUUS members is vital and all other interested people are welcome to participate.

January 25 – The festival of Imbolc begins of February eve (January 31st) and usually concludes on February 2nd, the cross quarter day between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. George Smith will lead us in a celebration for the season of Imbolc, when the first stirrings of the new life of spring can be felt. Although the weather is still wintry, winter’s darkness begins to loosen its hold and new beginnings can be seen and felt.
The Imbolc Celebration will begin at 3:00 PM

February 8 – HAUSS greets Doug Clarke who will deepen our understanding of sustainability, a movement he has been actively involved in for over two decades. From the discussion we will discover ways in which we might lead a more sustainable lifestyle.
February 22 – Penny Whitford – Book discussion – The World Without Us – by Alan Weisman. This book draws on the research from engineers, scientists, paleontologists and others to envision the planet’s future without us.

News and Notes

HAUUS members are asked to bring a food item or items to each meeting. The food should be suitable for donation to a local food pantry. Those present at the meeting will decide which local food pantry will receive our donation and who will be responsible to deliver the items.

Walt Brown is having some additional medical concerns. He would appreciate our continuing cards and letters. He loves to read. You can write him at:
7 Depot St
Canaseraga, NY 14822

HAUUS for Peace
We continue to hold a silent peace vigil on HAUUS meeting Sunday mornings from 9:30 – 10:00AM. The vigil is held across from the movie theatre on Main St. in Hornell. All are welcome to participate. Bring a sign if you have one.



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