HAUUS meets at 10:30 AM, at 198 Main Street, across from the Hornell Cinema. All are welcome.


Please note: this is for 3 months!


January 13Tim Bancroft titles his presentation “Zoroaster, the Wise Men, and Universalism through the Ages”. Some of us may be unacquainted with Zoroastrianism, a religion pre-dating Christianity and having more adherents today than the Unitarian Universalist denomination. Longtime member, the Reverend Bancroft liaisons with HAUUS and other liberal religious groups in the area.

January 27—“Dancing in a Time of Pain” Too much has happened, and so quickly, that we all seem to be in front of the events that bring terror to our lives. So how do we get along in a world that is not quite as secure as we would like it? What does the mystery of religion have to do with helping us get through? George Smith’s program will continue our concerned discussion following the tragedy in Newtown, CN.

February 10—“Remembering and Forgiving” –George Smith—a continuation of “Dancing in the Time of Pain”, this time we will strive to figure out what is this thing called forgiveness. It isn’t easy in the most simple of events, so how do we forgive when things get complicated? A mass killer seems the most difficult to deal with. Where does religion’s mystery help in these situations?

February 24—“Sacred Spaces”—Nicole Tolbert will be sharing her  artwork that  is inspired from her own spiritual soul searching, and is created as installations, or environments, rather than single pieces. What is meant by Sacred Spaces? How do we find our own Sacred Space?

March 10—“Zen Jokes”—George Smith—something as serious as truth and spirituality would seem to negate fun in life. But there is humor in the very depths of our spiritual experiences. We will explore the jokes in Zen koans.

March 24—Sharon Saker –“Four Seasons, or Eight?”  Sharon Saker—the ancient Celtic calendar divides the year into four major quarters, and then divides these quarters into half to make an eight part year that reflects the natural progression of the seasons. We will explore the significance and ritual of the quarter and cross quarter days and seasons of the Celt, Slavic and Neo-Pagan traditions.

A big thanks to Nicole for her taking on the coffee hour, and to all of HAUUS for the steady flow of goodies!!!!


PDF Copy of Newsletter Jan_March_2013


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