March-April 2017

HAUUS meets at 10:30AM, at 198 Main Street in Hornell NY. All are welcome.  For more information call (607) 698-4508 or (607) 382-6348 or visit our blog HAUUS.org.

March 12 –   Soulful Collage – HAUUS member Penny Whitford will encourage our artistry.  Your collage may illustrate your spiritual journey, be a statement for current times or maybe something else entirely.  Please bring magazines with pictures and your own scissors.  Other needed materials will be provided.

March 26 — Today, we welcome back Ilsa Miller.  She will talk about the Home Health Case Management Program out of Loyola Recovery Outpatient program. Ilsa says “The program is peer-based (meaning its better if we have a history of addiction) and we work in the community with addicted people in recovery.”  Please join us.

April 9— What does it mean to be an inclusive Welcoming Congregation?  George Smith will facilitate as we explore the possibility of HAUUS becoming a Welcoming Congregation. To prepare you could visit the website Welcoming Congregation – UUA.org.

April 23— HAUUS Annual Meeting. Our annual meeting will include the election of officers, review of the past year and future planning. We have many items to discuss which will help in identifying the future direction of HAUUS. Your input is extremely important.  A dish to pass luncheon will follow the meeting. Along with your dish to pass, please bring your own table service and beverage. Small microwave is available.  There are limited electrical outlets for crock pots.

News and Notes

Daylight Savings Time – We spring forward 1 hr. on March 12th – Don’t forget!

Please remember to bring canned and non-perishable food items to HAUUS for donation to various food banks in the area.

Visit our blog at HAUUS.org

“Compassion for myself, is a slow growing crop,
however carefully tended, it yields an unreliable harvest.”

Barbara Pescan (Unitarian Universalist, clergy, poet) Morning Watch: Meditations

HAUUS newsletter mar-april 2017


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