Ramblings – Rev. George Smith

I will write an article every two months that will suggest ideas about who and what we are as UUs. To start the conversation, we are a religious community that does not experience religion dogmatically. Simply said, we encourage people to seek their own spiritual path not one prescribed for them by the group or the leader. If you came to a member and asked, “what am I to believe about such and such.” The response would be very simple “what is it that you believe?” From that beginning conversation, you could come to this place where you can explore beliefs, philosophies, theologies, scientific ideas, etc. It is not that we don’t have beliefs or a moral outlook as many have described us. It is that we see the plurality of possibilities and it is from these that we are able to develop our own moral and/or spiritual compasses. We explore ideas that help us understand who and what we are.


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