HAUUS Newsletter July-Aug-Sept 2017



July-August-September 2017

HAUUS meets at 10:30, at 198 Main Street in Hornell NY unless otherwise noted below. All are welcome.  For more information call (607)698-4508 or (607)382-6348 or visit our blog at HAUUS.org.

July 9 – Today will be our traditional Flower Communion.  Please bring flowers and thoughts you wish to share with others about what the HAUUS fellowship means to you.  We will enfold these ideas into what and who we are as a group.

July 23 – HAUUS summer picnic this year will be at the home of Penny Whitford on Rt. 36 in Canisteo at 2:00PM.  Please bring a dish to pass, your own table service and a lawn chair if you have one.  If you need directions call one of the numbers above.

August 13 – An Open Conversation – George Smith will facilitate our conversation about how we can live a spiritual life in a time of crisis.

 August 27 – Creating Cultures of Peace: Loving Life, Acting on Conscience, and Stepping Up – Enjoy a taste of activities that have created peaceful cultures in the most unlikely places, from refugee to religiously militant to professional communities. As people of love and conscience, we believe peace, a politics of no enemies and no sides, is powerful and possible. With confidence and conviction, we confirm Paul Chappell’s call to make war illegal and to seriously seek ways to live in peace with the Earth and with all of humanity. Nadine Hoover will share stories of amazing new work for peace with communities, refugees and military in the U.S.

Nadine suggests we watch Paul Kim Chappell’s “Peace is Possible” video on his home page at PaulKChappell.com.

News and Notes

Please remember to bring canned and non-perishable food items to HAUUS for donation to various food pantries in the area.

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“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful – an endless prospect of magic and wonder.”     Ansel Adams

HAUUS Newsletter July, Aug, Sept 2017  

HAUUS Newsletter – November – December 2016


November – December 2016

HAUUS meets at 10:30 AM, at 198 Main Street in Hornell NY unless otherwise indicated below. All Are Welcome.  For more information call (607) 698-4508, 382-6348 or visit our blog at HAUUS.org

November 13 –   “The Thanksgiving Table” We will explore some of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) history relative to the development of our democracy and hear parts of their Thanksgiving Prayer.  As we do this, we will look to better understand our connectedness with all that is our world.  HAUUS member George Smith will facilitate.

November 27“A New Universalism for a New Century” by A J Mattill – HAUUS member Penny Whitford will review the book and facilitate a discussion on the elements of a religion that could be truly universal.

December 11 — We have celebrated the Festival of Lights in recent years.  This year we will go beyond the religious rituals to a political understanding, being that of a Beacon of Light for the Nations.  HAUUS member George Smith will explore this with us from several perspectives.

News and Notes

Please note – There will be no meeting on Sunday, December 25th – Best wishes for a joyful, peaceful holiday season.

There will be a brief business meeting on November 13 after the program

HAUUS continues to support local food pantries.  Bring your food donations on HAUUS Sunday meeting days.

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“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle


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HAUUS – Special Annual Meeting Edition -April 2009


HAUUS meets on the second and fourth Sunday’s of the month.  Our new location is 198 Main St. Hornell, NY.  The meetings begin at 10:30 AM.  All are Welcome.  Changes for specific times and/or locations will be noted below. For more information about HAUUS please call (607)698-4508 or (607)522-7803.

April 12th is our Annual Meeting – Our meeting place will be at our new location – 198 Main St. Hornell, NY – HAUUS’s Annual Meeting will include the election of officers, review of the past year and continued planning for the future.  A dish to pass luncheon will follow the meeting. Along with your dish to pass, please bring your own table service and beverage. No microwave or refrigerator available.

The theme for this year’s Annual Meeting is commitment.

We will explore what that means for each of us and ask that we each think about how much (time and money) as individuals we are willing/able to commit for HAUUS’s growth as well as our own.

Bring your fundraising ideas to the Annual Meeting

Bring books or titles of books you think we might want to read together as a group for program

Bring your ideas for community events and programs

The rent for our new location is $100.00 a month.  Outside presenters receive a $50.00 honorarium.  Other expenses include supplies and regional district UU dues.  Consider what your monthly contribution could be.

The responsibility for HAUUS’s twice monthly programs will now be shared between all members.  We will have a calendar at our annual meeting allowing members to sign up for the dates for which they will be responsible for the program.  Each member can either lead the program themselves or find a presenter/topic that supports the UU principles.

News and Notes

HAUUS members are asked to bring a food item or items to each meeting.  The food should be suitable for donation to a local food pantry.  Those present at the meeting will decide which local food pantry will receive our donation and who will be responsible to deliver the items

HAUUS for Peace – HAUUS members hold a silent Peace Vigil in front of our building at 198 Main St. prior to the Sunday meetings from 9:30-10:00AM.  All are welcome to join us.  Bring a sign if you have one.

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